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If you were looking for your next outdoor hoop shoe then the Nike Air Max H.A.M. Low may be your next option.

Outdoor specific materials such as Fuse are used along the upper while the outsole features a HAGR (High-Abrasion Green Rubber) outsole.

You can purchase these now at select Nike Basketball retailers including Finish Line.

Air Max 1 all size Having previously previewed Nike’s 2013 spring/summer Air Max 1 FB Pack here, today we received word of a third release to the set of retro drops called the “Blue Leopard.” Inspired by Nike Football’s FC247 Collection of shoes designed for various playing surfaces, this Air Max 1 is set off with a blue suede upper in an all-over leopard print. Additional details include Volt-colored accents at its outsole, top lace eyelet, air bubble and tongue patch. Expect the “Blue Leopard” edition of the Nike Air Max 1 FB to hit select Nike Sportswear retailers in the months ahead.


Nike Air Max 180 fans have already been treated in 2013 with the return of the OG version and with the new engineered mesh version. Today we can give you a preview of a more bold colorway that is to come in the following months. The Air Max 180 “Red Safari” features a mostly grey upper, lime green, blue and pink accents, along with the trademark Nike safari pattern, which has been placed on the heel. We will keep you posted about the official release date.

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